Hey there!

Welcome to my official portfolio website! My name is Michelle Lampe or LabradoriteWolf across the web. I've been obsessed with the act of creating and the creative process ever since I was a child. My main focus lies on animals (particularly canines) and mythological creatures. As for techniques I use, where's the fun in sticking to one trick? Scroll down to see some of my favorite artistic methods, or read more about me through the button.

3D Modelling

3D modelling is the process of creating three dimensional objects within a digital space. It’s basically shaping a lump of clay that’s trapped inside your computer.  While that sounds pretty undoable, modelling is surprisingly intuitive and to me feels very similar to traditional sculpting. I started to model 3D models for the purpose of printing them when I got my first 3D printer in August 2019.

3D Printing

The moment 3D printing became a part of my life, I felt I acquired some kind of magical powers. I mean, being able to design something, only to hold a physical version of it in your hands a couple of hours later? Plain and simple: magic. There may be a lot of researching, tinkering with machines and troubleshooting involved as well, but that's what happens behind the scenes. So magic it is.


Whereas 3D printing is a basic form of magic, electroforming is hardcore chemistry. What is it exactly, you ask? Electroforming is a chemical process in which metal ions are deposited on an electrically conductive object through an electric current. Or in other words, through science, I'm able to coat my 3D prints with a thin layer of copper, turning them into metal sculptures and pieces of art.

Digital Art

I've been drawing and painting since the moment I was able to hold a pencil. However, while I started off using traditional methods for my art, my focus shifted towards the use of digital media around 2012. The convenience of only needing my laptop with my trusty pen tablet outweighted the troubles of drawing and painting on paper or canvas. It also allowed me to create during my stays outside of the country.

Enamel Pins

In 2018 I wanted to try something new, something I hadn't dared before and that was exciting and terrifying at the same time. I set up a Kickstarter to fund the production of a series of enamel pins that I designed. The project was a success and a couple of months later I was proudly wearing my own pins. After shipping out the pins to the investors of the Kickstarter campaign, I started selling the pins through my Etsy store.