Hey there!

My name is Michelle Lampe, also known as LabradoriteWolf across the web. Ever since I had the ability to hold a pencil, I’ve been drawing. Of course this started off by “cheating” and tracing animal shapes, as seen on the following picture, but over time I learned to draw the shapes myself. Obsessed with both animals, dinosaurs and pok√©mon, I was driven to get better and better at capturing their essence on paper. Later, the drawing and sketching turned into painting, with mainly acrylics and watercolors as my preferred media of choice. 

Cheating little gremlin, dreaming of becoming an artist

Rather than choosing to make a career out of art right away, I opted to follow my other passion and became a biologist. Not only was I able to research animals and be up close and personal with them, it also allowed me to get a better understanding of their anatomy, how they moved and how to translate their being onto paper. During my studies my focus shifted towards the use of digital media, as it was very convenient to only need my laptop with my trusty pen tablet amongst the chaos of student life. It also allowed me to create art during my internships outside of the country.

After obtaining my Biology Degree, I decided to set some time aside to focus on exploring my creative abilities. I started taking on commissions and designed a series of enamel pins. In August 2019 I registered my art business “LabradoriteWolf Creations” (named after my horrendous screen name I used since 2008), acquired a Creality Ender 3 3D printer, and familiarized myself with Zbrush to create my own models. This changed my entire world, and soon 3D modelling became my main mode of income. I made a Patreon page where people could support my 3D modelling efforts by taking a monthly subscription on my models and started selling said models through Cults3D and MyMiniFactory. As of now, I’m looking into methods to turn my 3D prints into finished pieces of art, mainly through Electroforming (see portfolio).

Registering my small business “LabradoriteWolf Creations”
at the Chamber of Commerce