Electroforming is a technique which makes use of a chemical process, and it definitely feels like I’m a chemist at times. In the next picture you can see my set-up, in which the object is attached to the cathode, while a piece of copper forms the anode. An electric current is then provided by a professional power supply, which makes the copper ions flow from the anode to the cathode, and are being deposited onto the object in the process. As I’m relatively new to this technique, I’ve only a couple of test Lara’s (my dog) to show, which I subjected to different treatments to get different finishes. The first one has an antiqued look due to exposure to liver of sulfur (a mixture of potassium sulfides), the second one has been dipped in a green patination solution and the final one has been treated with both vinegar and salt in combination with ammonia fumes. I’m planning to make a collection of copper sculptures out of my own 3D modelled and printed designs in the future.